Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday August 3

Holly snapped this picture of her and John after playing some football yesterday. He also walked some during the day and continued his physical therapy even though there was no rigid schedule for it.

I feel the need to point out that while photographs are an amazing way to express what words cannot, there are still some hurdles which John will face very over the next few weeks and months. Although his brain is beginning to process information, he is still trying to re-learn so many things that it is a lot for his mind to comprehend on a daily basis. I liken this to the way that as each of us goes through our day, we don't necessarily answer questions or have to reiterate our life story to each person we come in contact with but John does!

We are amazed beyond words with what has happened so far but at the same time, we equalize our thoughts with what is yet to come. Holly is now back to work full time and has been for a couple of weeks and this is a great thing for her and John. It allows her peace of mind that John is in a great setting which challenges him daily and keeps him safe while giving her the ability to provide for their household. Her co-workers and bosses at Upchurch Kimbrough have been thoughtful and understanding in that they have provided her with the huge gift of time with John when she has needed to be there most. Holly is abundantly appreciative of this gift and feels this gratitude daily.

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