Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21

I have had a fantastic Friday night. I got to sit with a good friend in a comfortable chair and watch an exciting sports event, banter about each play and criticize the calls of the referees. The above pictures are of John and me sitting in his room and watching the little league world series and we were both entranced during all six innings of the Iowa vs. Georgia ballgame. The first few innings, it was a close game, then a home run lead to a few more runs and by the sixth inning, Georgia took a huge lead and the eventual win by sizable margin but of course we continued to root for the underdogs through the end of the game. It was awesome to sit with John and hear him call the pitches as if he were umping the game himself. He also was very complimentary when the kids would make good plays or hit home runs. We could have been watching any game but I am a new fan of little league baseball after tonight.

He ate a great supper as usual...John cleans his plate at every meal even as those around him complain about the taste of the food. He seems to enjoy each bite and never complains about anything as is characteristic of how he normally lives each day. His pleasure comes from a place within that few of us channel for even minutes, and yet he seems to be deeply and constantly connected to. We all have things which soothe us when we hurt, and sports is clearly John's remedy. It helps him to find that level of normalcy in his now chaotic life and his confusion seems lessened when we talk about football, baseball or basketball.
As I was leaving, his roommate's friend had brought up the sweetest little chihuahua mix named Chaca (maybe after Chaka Kahn?) and I asked if I could take her to see John and she mentioned that John had met her before, and of course it was okay. His face lit up as soon as I walked in with her and placed her in bed with him. Although the picture clearly shows Chaca kissing John, he reciprocated and was so happy just to pet her and let her lay on his chest. Animals give him such happiness and I'm quite sure allow him to focus on his home with his three loving pups and wife and his life which awaits him when he is healed and ready to return to them.

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  1. Still praying for your continued healing John! Cant wait to work with you again on the basketball court. Keep up the good work of letting us know how John is progressing Melanie. Thanks it helps alot.