Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday September 18

Here are some recent photos of John. As hard as we try, it is still difficult to get John to just give a simple smile! He has always made crazy faces for pictures and that certainly hasn't changed. John continues to receive therapy to help him walk more comfortably and with more fluidity. While there are times when it is painful for him (you can see him wincing in the photo of him pushing the basket), he must push through this pain in order to get to the point where his body is once again able to work without assistance.

Holly also recently switched his physician in hopes that a new perspective and more aggressive approach might push him to the next level. His medications have been difficult to regulate and although each patient is different, we are trying to figure out what works best for John. His muscles are more rigid than his physician would prefer so there will soon be come discussions about treatments which might better help him with that. Oddly enough, one such treatment is using Botox to help relax his muscles a bit. I'm hoping to be there with him if he has this treatment and see if they can use any leftovers on me!

The photo of John with the dogs is a fantastic organization called Caring Critters and they come visit with lots of furry friends every week. John lights up when we visit but I can tell you that nothing gets him as excited as seeing a four-legged friend. It soothes him in a way that is indescribable and he is so calm when they leave. Speaking of pups, Holly and John's beloved Boston Terriers have settled into the lap of luxury in Boerne at our folks house. They receive constant attention and all three of them sleep with our father, Ed who described it best when he said that sleeping with them is like being part of a litter! They all like to sleep under the covers and when they get comfortable, they do not move. Honeygal is also going up today to spend some time with them and they have also enjoyed our nephew Riley's visits. He is young enough to really play with them and run around with them and wear them out.

I feel compelled to mention that although I have been less than diligent about updating the blog, there are a lot of things which must be accomplished each day to help John along. There is a constant barrage of paperwork to be filled out, meetings with therapists and physicians and the day-to-day upkeep of John's laundry and making sure that he is receiving exceptional care. Holly has remained close to TIRR so that she can be with him on a daily basis and give him the stability of knowing that she is close by and coming to see him. When medication adversely affects John, Holly is always the first to notice and the first to advocate for him when change is necessary. Her perseverance and love for John never cease to amaze me and although I know she gets upset at times at the overall situation, her steadfast love for John and hope for his soon return to their "normal" life is unwavering.

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