Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 14

Elvis came to Mentis and put on quite a show!

The above picture is of John and his niece Sydney napping together while John was home for the day over the weekend. At almost all family events, the eventual result would be John napping...usually with all the dogs so I found it a fitting addition here!

Every family has traditions for the holiday season and certain things they look forward to. Sometimes it's a particular food item or maybe a favorite Christmas ornament that gets brought out once a year and takes us back to childhood memories every time we see it. For me, this year marks a new thing to look forward to and that is John's continued progress. I'm quite sure that as the years pass by in the future, the thing I will remember most about this holiday season is that we have been given the perfect gift and that is John's continued progress and good health. I can't imagine asking for a better gift and although this one isn't wrapped and under the tree, it is deep and meaningful and so special that John will continue to be a beacon to those around him and a constant example of how faith and perseverance can guide us through even the hardest times.

For us, this year is a time of change. While unexpected, we are in a dynamic place as we continue along John's journey and wait for which turn might be next. Instead of pulling out the big tree and decorating the house, Holly decorated John's room at Mentis. There is a smaller, yet festive, tree with lights on the table near his bed and Christmas cards and candy which keeps the staff happy and full of sugar! Instead of making a huge Thanksgiving feast, we spent the day with family and friends (thanks to Tom and Michelle for a great meal!). And instead of doing the usual pre-Christmas fish fry (my favorite thing John cooks!) we are going to spend the day relaxing and enjoying each other. Holly and I will also be meeting up with my parents and Honeygal so John will get to spend some time with his beloved Boston Terriers, Harley, Hayley and Gracie. Sometimes the greatest gifts come in four-legged form and being around those crazy puppies can't help but make you smile! I should mention that the pups remain in Boerne with my folks and are thriving and receiving constant care and tons of attention.

This season has given me pause on all levels. It has made me reevaluate all things which are important and I am so grateful for my friends, and my family without whom, this past 6 months or so would have been unbearable. We sometimes take for granted those close to us and when the chips are down we find out quickly those who are our true angels. Our lives are changed inexorably since John had his heart attack and while we know that the next few months and even years will be a challenge, we also know that we have tremendous support from those who love him and us and we are thankful beyond words.

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  1. Merry Christmas John, Holly and family! Just wanted to let you all know my family and I prayed for John and all of you today and gave thanks to our Lord for John's life and his continued recovery. I will continue to pray and look forward to the day I will be able to hug all of you.

    Many Blessings,