Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday October 3

As of yet, I still haven't gotten any submissions of teams for the upcoming softball tournament! If you would like to enter a team in the non-SBISD bracket, please shoot me an email so I can put you down. I was hoping to fill the 16 team bracket but at this point, even if you don't have a team but want to play, please email me and I will start forming teams. Teams will consist of 5 women and 5 men and play will be a double elimination style format. As far as the t-shirts go, it was decided to change the color to a more flashy and "John suiting" red! Above is what it looks like and I will have the order form available soon! I was hoping that maybe we could start an email chain about this tournament to generate more awareness and interest in hopes of getting some more teams signed up to play. John's co-workers are working tirelessly to make this tournament a huge success and I want to do my part to make the extra bracket a reality. Please send an email to everyone you know that knows John or even if they don't to let them know about the tournament and maybe we can get some teams together. Remember the entry fee for a team is $150 ($15 per person!) which if you like to play softball is nominal.

I apologize for being so out-of-pocket these past few weeks. Work has taken me far and wide and while it has been an educational and exciting month, it is good to be back home!

John continues to progress and is walking and communicating better as each day passes. His brain is also healing and although we continue to wonder how things will be down the line, we are always quick to remain grateful and mindful of his progress. John is an astounding human being and a man I have admired over the years and even more so over these past few months. While he still has a very long journey ahead, he has shown us time and again just how much of a fighter he is and how much he loves life. Some have asked about seeing him and I just want to reiterate that at this point, John is limited to family visits. His physicians feel that overstimulating him could be detrimental but I promise that as soon as changes occur to this policy I will post it here first.

Over the past few months, John has had several roommate's and one of his most recent was Jerry. Holly and John really enjoyed the company of Jerry and his wife, Becky and they formed a fast friendship as only those who have been in similar circumstances could. Becky and Holly found support from each other and Holly asked me to thank them for being so compassionate toward John and her. As usual, John couldn't take a photograph without clowning around but at least he wasn't sticking his tongue out!

I wanted to mention that I will try really hard to be better about updating this blog. I know that many of you are reliant on it for the most up-to-date information about John's progress and I don't take the commitment to updating it lightly. As always, we simply cannot express our eternal gratitude for the continued support for John.

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  1. Dear John,
    You give us all the courage to carry on.
    I am so proud of you and look forward to the day to you "Wash me" on my van again!!!!